Athlete of the Month – Scott Wirch

October 7th, 2015

Scott Wirch, also known as “Salty Wirch” is renowned for his versatility in both Park and Dirt BMX. Originally from a Chicago-area home, Mr. Wirch decided to relocate to Greenville, North Carolina where he could enjoy riding with friends. His passion for the sport of BMX came from his brother Steve Wirch and his friend Luke Ackerman.  His dedication and devotion to the Freestyle BMX is incomparable and has allowed for great success in his career. In 2002, Scott received 4th place in Dirt at the Gravity games and 11th place in the year 2003. Scott continued to compete in the BMX industry and obtained high ranks in the Summer X Games as well as Vans Triple Crown. Salty Wirch has been riding for King BMX for fifteen years, since 2000. He enjoys riding until today and stated that his favorite show is the North Carolina State Fair. Outside of riding, Scott also enjoys playing golf and riding motocross. In a recent interview with Mr. Wirch, his advice to new riders is to have fun and enjoy the sport and you’ll guarantee success and achievement.

August Show Recap

September 24th, 2015


The great thing about BMX is that it is always changing and moving in new directions. At King BMX Stunt Shows, we are able to showcase some of the top riders in BMX at events around the nation—from state fairs to small town festivals, colleges and high school athletic games, and NFL halftime shows!

Here’s a recap of some of the recent performances by King BMX around the country:

Decatur Celebration (Decatur, IL)

The King BMX Stunt Show performed all three days of the Decatur Celebration in Decatur, Illinois on August 7-9, 2015. Sponsored by the Decatur Earthmover Credit Union, the performance consisted of multiple 30-minute shows, with riders performing many different styles of stunts, including a grand finale—one that sets King BMX apart from others in the industry: double back flips, 1080s, and backflip tail whips. It was the team’s first time participating in the Decatur Celebration, and one that our riders and the large audiences thoroughly enjoyed!
Decatur Earthmover Credit Union |   
Decatur Celebration |

Erie County Fair (Hamburg, NY)

Our professional King BMX riders navigated through a course full of ramps and executed jaw-dropping aerial tricks during the course of a 10-day fair from August 12-August 24. The Erie County Fair hails as one of the top five largest fairs in the country, and one of the most beautiful fairs that the team has ever attended. Direct TV sponsored the King BMX Stunt Show.
Erie County Fair |

Mesa County Fair (Grand Junction, CO)

King BMX Stunt Show riders amazed crowds with bicycle and motorcycle performances featuring high-flying aerial stunts, such as back flip and tail whip combinations for five days! The act included freestyle motocross on Saturday night, July 18—professional motorcycle jumpers launched 30+ feet in the air over a 75-foot gap while performing various stunts!
Mesa County Fair | 

USA Pro Cycling Challenge (Maxxis Tires)

The USA Pro Challenge took place on August 17-23, 2015 spanning multiple cities all over Colorado. It is one of the largest cycling events in U.S. history and the largest spectator event in the history of the state of Colorado. For seven consecutive days, the world’s top athletes raced through the majestic Colorado Rockies, reaching higher altitudes than they’re ever had to endure. The highly anticipated event was televised on NBC.
King BMX performed at each location as the Maxxis BMX Stunt Team. As one of the biggest sponsors of King BMX since 2004, Maxxis Tires, performed well in this major event in which their Jelly Bean Cycling Team competed! One of their riders, Alexander Braico, took the title of ‘Best Colorado River,’ along with teammates Gavin Mannion and Lachlan David Morton placing 4th and 5th, respectively, in the ‘Overall Standings’ results. Jelly Bean Cycling Team presented by Maxxis Tires had an outstanding performance, resulting in coming in 2nd place for the ‘Team Standings’ category, and the Maxxis BMX Stunt Team was thrilled to follow the tour for another consecutive year.
Maxxis Tires |

Tennessee Titans

King BMX offers standard and one-of-a-kind ramps, making the team one of the most sought-after shows in the world. King BMX performs with a unique golf cart ramp for NFL halftimes, such as their September 3, 2015 halftime entertainment performance for the Tennessee Titans. One of the most important reasons King BMX uses a golf car with the ramp is because it has turf tires, which keeps the groundskeeper happy, and it allows for a set-up in under 2 minutes.
Taking ever measure to not touch the field with any bikes, the team utilizes a runway that clips together that allows the riders a solid surface to obtain the speed they need to jump the ramp, and once they land, the field is covered with a large piece of carpet so they do not have to skid to a stop. Then, there is a small return path made of plywood that allows them to pedal back to the starting point so that they can jump again.
Owner Keith King, owner of King BMX who competed as a flatland rider at the BS series and X Games throughout the ‘90s and early’00s, announced the performances. They consisted of six-minute shows by five professional riders, with a target set-up and break down time of about two minutes each.

NFL Involvement

July 31st, 2014

The King BMX Stunt Show is not new to the big leagues. As a preferred vendor for the NBA and NFL, this team has seen and done it all with some of the biggest names in the professional sports industry. For nearly a decade, it has performed for the Panthers, Titans, Texans, Colts, Cardinals, Bengals, Chiefs, Jaguars, Falcons, Saints and Bears, many of these teams on multiple occasions. The 12th NFL team to book the King BMX Stunt Show will be the Green Bay Packers on August 2, 2014.


Why do these NFL teams keep coming back? Because the King BMX Stunt Show knows what it’s doing! The team has constructed standard and one-of-a-kind ramps (including two golf cart ramps) and vehicles to minimize setup time and maximize entertainment. Bicycle tires never touch grass in any of these halftime spectacles because of the well-trained performers and extensively thought-out equipment. Between the team’s professionalism, experience and resources, every show is a huge hit for fans and clients alike.


The King BMX Stunt Show works to personalize each and every performance. Whether a client chooses a customized or standard package, the team still adds its own personal flair to keep each show dynamic and new.

“There is no bigger platform, aside from national television, than on an NFL field,” states Keith King, King BMX owner and flatland BMX performer. “There are times that we are performing in front of 70,000 people at one time. When the show venue is elevated to this higher level, then our production must also rise to meet that same standard, and we have worked hard over the years to evolve our production with each client.”

You can keep up with where the King BMX crew will be by checking out the tour schedule at

Spotlight: Bryan Ledbetter of Airtype

July 3rd, 2014


North Carolina-native and founder of the creative agency Airtype, Bryan Ledbetter is a BMX, music, design and life enthusiast. He has been part of the King BMX team for many years and has used his agency in collaboration with us since 2010.  There are few that we admire more than this rad dude, and so we asked him if he could take some minutes out of his super busy schedule to allow us to shine a spotlight on his life, his brand, and his passions.  Check it out:

1. Where are you from originally? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in a small town outside of Boone, NC called Lenoir. I’ve always been very independent and never went with the flow. I always loved bikes, music and art, I just didn’t realize where those three things could take me. I wasn’t popular in school or anything and mostly dealt with negative comments. I’ll never forget my “guidance counselor” telling me there was no such career for the types of things I was interested in. Obviously, she lived under a rock. I credit those negative experiences with giving me the drive to work hard and achieve my dreams. While the “cool” kids were doing their thing, I was trying not to get run over in the street while learning the art of flatland BMX. I split town as soon as I could and never looked back.

I’m currently 39 years young and live in Winston-Salem, NC. I married my dream girl, have three rad kids and still escape reality on my bike whenever I get the chance.

2. What is your company and what does it do exactly?

Airtype is a creative agency. We specialize in branding, packaging, strategy and building interactive website experiences. We are based in Winston-Salem, NC and Portland, OR. In 2012, we launched our clothing company online and currently have two retail stores and 14 employees.


3. What got you started with Airtype?

Airtype was a total accident. I was working on a career in music when it all happened. I started out designing everything for our band and moonlighting projects for major label artists. It got to a point where I couldn’t keep up while touring in a van, so I came up with a name and set up Airtype in our playroom at my house in 2006.

4. How has Airtype been involved with King BMX?

Airtype has contributed in various ways to from logos, websites, trailer and poster designs, photography, etc. for the King BMX team. We have a great partnership and I’m just excited to be part of the BMX community. Keith King and I go way back. Nearly all my BMX contests or road trip experiences involved him in one way or another. There’s not a lot of people I know that have worked as hard or sacrificed like I had to do, but Keith is one of those people. I’m very proud of what he has accomplished and his work ethic. Unless you run a business, you just don’t understand how hard it is. It’s soooo difficult to build something from nothing and actually make a career out of it. So anytime we can help out, we do.


5. How have you used your BMX background in your work?

What drew me to flatland BMX was that it’s all up to you. You don’t have teammates that can win or lose the game for you. You’re either gonna learn the trick or you’re not. That principle pretty much guided me in everything I do. I never wanted to join a team, I wanted to build one. In the end, you just can’t depend on anyone but yourself. That being said, one of the first lessons I learned was to hire people better than you. So, although at the end of the day it’s up to me to keep things running, I could not do it without the amazing team we have at Airtype. Our staff blows me away on a daily basis.

6. What sets you and your business apart from others in the industry?

We have a very unique model here at Airtype. Everyone is a creative no matter what your title states. Each person is involved in multiple accounts and decisions and we have a very transparent way of doing business. We also allow our team to grow their skills on a daily basis instead of boxing them in. We’re more like a dysfunctional family than a group of co-workers. Community involvement is a big part of what we do as well.

7. What would you say you are most passionate about?

My passions really haven’t changed. Although I can’t be as involved in some of them as I could years ago, I’m still driven by the design, music and BMX community. It’s part of my DNA. The only new thing I’ve discovered is a love for historic building restorations.

8. If you had to narrow it down, what are you most proud of in your career?

That’s a tough question. It’s not about money, awards or recognition for me. It’s probably the fact that I’ve built what I have on my own terms without compromising my ideals. Earning respect from your peers and becoming friends with the ones who once lined your bedroom walls or stereo. It’s the full circle effect in design, music and BMX.

9. Is there anything else interesting you would like to share about yourself or Airtype?

Life is fragile and you only have one chance at it – so if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing, change it. You can do anything you want to as long as you’re willing to take on the challenges that come with it. The way I see it, I’ve yet to succeed, I just keep failing better. And go buy some nice USA-made Airtype clothing!


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Top 10 things that set King BMX Stunt Show apart

June 19th, 2014


1. Professionalism

It is a top priority for the King BMX Stunt Show to maintain the utmost level of professionalism with all clients. The team appreciates the importance of the company-client relationship and works hard to keep those connections strong year-to-year. From our correspondence prior to an event, to our onsite presence, and then in our follow-up, we work hard to ensure a high level of excellence.

In addition, our announcers are also well-versed on the microphone, and are talented at engaging crowds, elevating the level of the production, and working with clients to showcase other event elements (sponsors, special events, vendors)–all while maintaining a family-friendly environment.

2. Nationally Acclaimed

King BMX has been nationally recognized as a preferred vendor of the NBA and NFL, made in into the Top 48 of 75,000 acts on NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent (Season 7: 2012) and has been featured twice on Monday Night Football, in addition to MTV, Fox Sports and ESPN. Owner Keith King is also a regular guest on the nationally syndicated radio show “The John Boy and Billy Big Show.”

3. Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies

King BMX Stunt Show has its own seasoned marketing staff with a combined 25+ years experience that works alongside the client to acquire sponsorships, provides promotional support via multi-media formats such as email marketing, social media, and web promotions,  produces publicity material for marketing collateral, and can customize the show to fit the client’s wants and needs. In addition, the team can be contracted out to any product, company or event to represent that brand. For example, King BMX is sponsored by Maxxis Tires and becomes the Maxxis BMX team for several events each year.

4. Location

With its close proximity to Greenville, NC (home to many of today’s top professional BMX athletes), King BMX Stunt Shows is able to showcase some of the top ramp riders in BMX. The stunt show also travels all over the United States and parts of Canada to perform, taking with them a seasoned team of high-caliber professional athletes.

5. Versatility

Clients range from the NBA, WNBA, NFL, NASCAR, IRL, theatre productions and state fairs to small town festivals, colleges and high schools as well as shopping malls, churches and company events.

6. High caliber and experienced riders

Riders have competed in the X Games, America’s Got Talent, Trans Jam BMX Contest Series, Gravity Games & the Dew Action Sports Tour.

7. Extensive ramp and personnel supply

Multiple vehicles with multiple setups allow King BMX to handle several events on any given day around the country. In fact, King BMX can be in five places on the same day, if needed. The team even boasts a rig in Alaska!

8. Customizable Options

King BMX offers standard and one-of-a-kind ramps, making them one of the most sought-after shows in the world. With unique ramps such as a golf cart ramp (used for NFL halftimes), a racecar ramp (that drives!), & a mini ramp (half pipe with a spine in the middle that can be used on grass), versatility is expanded and client customization is enhanced. In addition, King BMX Stunt Show offers time-sensitive options and can be setup on an NBA floor in under two minutes, perform a show during half-time, and be torn back down and off the floor even faster.

9. Disciplines

King BMX offers shows in every BMX discipline including dirt, street, vert, flatland and park. It also hosts rhythm and jump contests and other unique competitive opportunities through the Trans Jam BMX Contest Series. True to their flexibility, if a client has something special in mind, odds are that we can pull it off.

10. Vision

The King BMX Stunt Show is constantly looking for ways to expand its impact and reach. The sport of BMX is an ever-changing industry and King BMX wants to remain at the top of the game in terms of booking events, sponsorships and finding new ways to spread its love of BMX.

Trans Jam BMX Contest Series: Raleigh Stop Sponsors

June 5th, 2014

King BMX owner Keith King started the Trans Jam BMX Contest Series back in 2010 in the hopes of expanding the reach of the BMX industry, promoting the sport and encouraging new athletes to participate. The Trans Jam BMX Contest Series celebrated their largest number of attendees at the 2014 Raleigh stop. Below is a highlight of seven sponsors that supported this stop. Thank you again to everyone who attended and for those companies who sponsored the Raleigh stop of Trans Jam BMX this year. Interested in sponsoring in the future? Contact us here.


Airtype is a design and branding studio in Winston Salem, NC. The company was started by Bryan Ledbetter in 2006 and has since expanded into working with over eight major industries as a team of eight designers. King BMX has been working with Airtype since 2010 on their websites, graphics, posters, t-shirts and other fantastic design work. Need innovative, unique and forward-thinking design or apparel? Check them out

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The Got to Be NC Festival is a three-day festival held on the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. The festival is an annual event and hosts carnival rides, booths for food and games and other fun attractions. King BMX has been working with the Got to Be NC Festival since 2011 to host the Trans Jam BMX Raleigh stop in Dorton Arena on the fairgrounds. The festival is a great place for family-friendly fun and partnering with the festival has made the Raleigh stop the most popular event of the contest series.

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HyperBikes_LogoHyper Bike Co. produces top quality bicycle equipment and apparel out of Malaga, NJ. The company was started by BMX Pro Clay Goldsmid in 1990 and currently has two major  focuses, BMX and mountain biking. Trans Jam BMX has been working with Hyper Bike Co. since 2012 because of its support for the riders and focus on quality products. Check them out today if you need a solid BMX bicycle.Like them on Facebook.
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Maxxis Tires produces top-of-the-line tire products out of Suwanee, GA, and 10 other international locations. The company was started in 1967 and currently serves more than 25,000 people in 170 countries. King BMX has been working with Maxxis since around 2004 to expose riders to some of the best tire products in the industry. Maxxis is a go-to for riders looking for the best of the best.

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Polar Pro works to design filters for GoPro Cameras out of Newport Beach, CA. The company was started at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2011 and has since continued to research and expand their technology potential. Trans Jam BMX has been working with Polar Pro since 2014  as a sponsor and looks forward to continuing partnership in the future. GoPro Cameras are a popular accessory for riders and finding new and innovative ways to stand out makes Polar Pro a strong new venture for the industry.

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Sport Durst Automotive Group is an automobile dealership in Durham, NC, and offers cars from Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Mazda and Hyundai. King BMX has been working with Sport Durst since 2010 and appreciates their continuing support. Need a new car? Sport Durst serves cities across North Carolina and is ready to work with you.

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Triple Eight is a provider for top quality protective gear out of New York City, NY. The company was started in 1995 and has since expanded into working with skate, bike, snow and water. Trans Jam BMX has been working with Triple Eight since 2014 as a sponsor and looks forward to continuing partnership in the future. Want to push your limits while remaining safe? Triple Eight should be your go-to safety equipment brand.

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Trans Jam BMX Contest Series Announces 2013 Stops

February 22nd, 2013

trans Jam

The series partners with Dirtball Fashion and Monster Energy Drink for NC Stops

The Atlantic Bike Stunt Alliance (ABSA), which organizes the Trans Jam BMX Contest Series, announced their 2013 contest schedule today.  In its fourth year of operation, the series, based in the state of North Carolina, has hosted stops in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greenville. This year, the contest will operate five contest dates during a four-city stop, and introduce a new discipline into one of the stops.

In addition, the series will host its first out-of-state contest in Athens, Georgia. The 2013 Trans Jam BMX Contest Series schedule is listed below:

Stop 1 : April 13- Charlotte, NC at the Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Bicycle Criterium

Featuring Park, Flatland, and Street competitions

Stop 2 : April 27- Athens, GA at the Terrapin Twilight Bicycle Criterium

Featuring Park and Flatland competitions

Stop 3 : May 18- Raleigh, NC at the Lake Crabtree Trails

Featuring a Dirt competition

May 19- Raleigh, NC at the Got To Be NC Festival in the Dorton Arena

Featuring Park, Flatland, and Street competitions

Stop 4 Finals : November 2- Greenville, NC at BMX Fest

Interested Sponsors, Vendors and Exhibitors wishing to participate in the contest series are encouraged to contact for an application. Those interested in participating as a competitor in the Trans Jam BMX Contest can find more information on the contest website,

The Atlantic Bike Stunt Alliance is committed to promoting the sport of BMX around the globe through exhibitions, special events and festivals, and competitions.  The Trans Jam BMX Contest Series and BMX Fest is owned and operated by the ABSA. For more information, visit

BMX Plus Cover Story

January 16th, 2013
BMX Plus

Be sure to check out the January 2013 issue of BMX Plus Magazine featuring King BMX owner Keith King on the cover. The feature story highlights our Alaska BMX shows and features many of our riders!