The King BMX Stunt Show has been traveling across the country for over 15 years, performing for festivals, fairs, professional sporting events, schools, churches, corporate events and more!


The act has established itself as a reputable industry entertainment producer at countless high-profile events, such as NBA and NFL half-time shows.

Based in the heart of North Carolina, King BMX travels as far as Alaska each year and boasts the most riders, rigs, and ramps of any BMX stunt team in the United States. At the heart of the show is a passion for the sport and a desire to operate with the utmost professionalism. Our staff will work with the client to provide a customized or standard show package, and provide marketing collateral needed to promote the stunt show aspect of the event.

So what sets King BMX apart form other stunt teams?


Because of our close proximity to Greenville, NC (known as ProTown USA for having the most BMX Pro's in residence than any place in the world), we are able to pull from the top riders in the United States. Our riders are professional, which means that they have competed at the Pro level in major contests such as X Games, Dew Action Sports Tour, Gravity Games, Trans Jam BMX Contest Series, etc. We bring with us riders that have accolades.


We have been incorporated for over a decade. With extended experience in festivals, fairs, amusement parks, corporate events, and professional sports shows, we have developed a professional level stunt show, rather than a "demonstration" of sorts. Our goal is to entertain audiences with high-flying aerial maneuvers that leave jaws gaping! We can work with clients to customize each show, incorporating people or items at their discretion.


We are a PREFERRED vendor for the NBA and NFL. No other stunt team can boast of this accolade. We've performed as the premier halftime entertainment for teams such as the Houston Texans (Including Monday Night Football), Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina Panthers (including Monday Night Football), Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Bobcats, New Orleans Hornets, Memphis Grizzlies, Oklahoma City Thunder, and more!


We have unique ramps such as a golf cart ramp (used for NFL halftimes), a racecar ramp, & a mini ramp (half pipe with a spine in the middle that can be used on grass).


We have our own full-time experienced marketing staff that will work with your marketing team to provide graphics, video, public relations assistance, and blurbs for your use as you promote your event.

Show requirements & set-up levels

The King BMX Stunt Show will provide a high energy 25 – 30 minute Bike Stunt Show consisting of both flatland and ramp stunts up to three times per day booked. The show is fully self-contained and the team will bring a sound system, ramps, crowd barricades, professional riders and liability insurance.

All that the client needs to provide is a large level flat riding area (asphalt or concrete) that measures approximately 35′ x 125′. In some cases a 110 outlet will be required. The rest will be taken care of by the team.

Level 1 Standard

Level 1: Standard

  • Most Popular Option for festivals and special events
  • Box Jump & Quarter Pipe Ramps
  • Requirements: 125' x 35' level surface (asphalt/concrete) free of holes, gravel, and debris & access to 110v power.
Level 1 Sensitive

Level 1: Time Sensitive

  • Set-up designed for quick entry and exit (such as halftime performances)
  • Box jump (take off & landing ramp) options:
    • Stand Alone (i.e. NBA, WNBA, College Basketball, Hockey)
    • Golf Cart (i.e. NFL, College Football) and runway for grass/turf
    • Racecar (i.e. Nascar, corporate events)
  • Requirements: Please contact us for specific measurements, as all facilities differ.

Level 2: Standard

  • Most popular option for fairs & special events lasting more than three consecutive days
  • Four Ramp Park Course- Quarterpipe, Sub box, Spine, & Box jump
  • Requirements: 140' x 40' level surface (asphalt/concrete) free of holes, gravel, and debris & access to 220v power.
Lever 2 Standard

Level 2: Multi-Surface Set-Up

  • Popular option for facilities that do not have much asphalt or concrete; can be pieced together on grass, dirt, gravel, or clay
  • Portable Half-pipe is a 60'x12' half-pipe with a spine in the center
  • Requirements: 85' x 40' any level surface & access to 110v power.
Level 2 Multi Surface
Level 3 Standard

Level 3: Standard

  • Level 1: Standard + Level 2: Standard (six ramps total)
  • Ideal for contest hosting (contact us if interested in hosting a BMX contest. We operate the Trans Jam BMX Contest Series,
  • Requirements: 200' x 100' level surface (asphalt/concrete) free of holes, gravel, and debris & access to 220v power.